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Spa Hot Tub Cover Care Guide / Warranty
Manufacturers Limited Warranty


Thank you for purchasing your replacement spa hot tub cover from us. We are confident that with proper care your cover will add to the overall satisfaction and energy efficiency of your spa hot tub.

Your spa hot tub cover is exposed externally to all weathers & wildlife, internally to the water treatments and mechanically stressed when lifting the cover on and off your spa. To help prolong the life of your cover we have put together this basic guide / warranty.

External side of the cover

  • Do not sit or stand on the cover
  • Do not apply heavy objects on the cover
  • Do not let mould or dirt build up on the cover - wash clean as required
  • Do not position the cover near walls or sharp objects which will result in damaging the cover
  • Do treat your cover on a regular basis with a good UV protectant. A good UV protectant is Armorall available from Halfords at a cost around 7.00


Internal side of the cover

  • When topping up or refilling your tub give the underside of your cover a quick wash down with clean water
  • When shocking your tub ensure that you leave your cover open for 5 minutes to allow the shock gas to escape

Sounds like common sense, but it is amazing how many customers were not told this when they purchase their tub.


Cover Warranty:

Your cover is warranted 100% against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years.

1) The warranty applies to the original purchaser.

2) If the cover is properly cared for, cleaned and conditioned we will repair or replace the vinyl cover or inserts, at our option, at no charge for materials and or labour.

3) If a cover and or insulated inserts are returned to us damp, wet or dirty we will be unable to inspect the cover or inserts for health reasons. Should this happen the cover will be returned to the customer at the purchasers expense for cleaning / drying.


Items not covered by warranty following delivery are:

a) Broken or abused insulated inserts.

b) Tie down straps are for use for securing the cover only. Tie down straps can tear or tear the vinyl immediately above the strap if dragged, used for lifting the cover or the cover is lifted without first disconnecting all the tie down straps. Damage can also be caused during storm weather.

c) Fading or minor colour deterioration inside and outside

d) Chemical burns

e) Material abrasions due to misuse

f) Water ingress to the insulation boards due to holes in the top side of the cover from animal or bird claws


Transit Insurance:

Please do not sign the delivery driver's paperwork until you have un-wrapped and inspected your cover for any damage caused whilst in transit. As claims for damage after signing are not cover by transit insurance.

In the un-likely event that your cover has received transit damage please do not take delivery of the cover, please ask the delivery driver to immediately arrange the return of the cover to us.